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A newsletter and Instagram for people who live abroad, are curious what it’s like to live abroad, or who pack enough clothes on holiday to count as living abroad.

Designed to be read while wearing slippers, sipping coffee (by which I mean wine) and dreaming of warm, fig-scented Mediterranean summers. Ideally next to a dog.

That’s me!

I’m Gemma, I’m a British travel and lifestyle journalist, and I have relocated a LOT. Four countries in eight years. So, if you need an adapter plug, you know where I am. Unless I’ve moved again.

We’ll chat about life abroad…

All the stuff you’ve always wondered about packing up and starting over, but didn’t know who to ask (please do ask), such as:

I was terrible at languages at school. Could I make it work?
Will I find a social circle, even if I’m a bit awkward and really enjoy my sofa?
What if my friends back home forget me?
If you move internationally for a partner’s career, what happens to yours?
Can you share the sexiest addresses to sleep/eat/shop like a cool local?

…And we’ll delve into friendship dynamics, career satisfaction, happiness, and living childfree

The juicy, three-wines-in topics that I’ve spent 16 years writing about for titles such as Glamour, Grazia and Women’s Health.

Ready? Packed your knickers? Ok then, let’s go!

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Gemma Askham

A freelance travel and lifestyle journalist for Glamour, Grazia, Condé Nast Traveler and Women's Health. Changes countries like most people change bed sheets.